Things To Do In Orlando With Toddler

Why Orlando? 

What’s your plan for this year’s vacation? Are you looking for places where your toddler can enjoy, grow,  and explore simultaneously?  Congratulations! then you are landed at the right place. If you are a travel person and enjoy exploring this planet then you are already familiar with this piece of earth. 

Orlando is the top family vacation destination, boasting seven of the world’s top theme parks.  It is titled as the home ground for the world’s most famous theme parks and Disney land. It not only provides leisure to little kids but also holds a lot more activities for the parents as well. 

Besides this, if you are planning a trip, especially for your little kid. And looking for some theme and water parks— behold and be ready, this trip is gonna remember you forever. This land holds a treasure of fun, enjoyment, pleasure, and relief.  You will find out millions of things you can do in Orlando with your toddler.

Things To Do In Orlando With Toddler

Is Orlando Safe For Your Toddler?

Every place has its dark and bright side. Orlando is a metropolitan city of Florida; a state located in the southeastern region of the U.S. Every year nearly millions of families, private tips, and adventure- lovers plan their trip to Orlando. It is a center of attraction for people from all over the world.  

In general, Orlando is a relatively safe city to visit.  However, some parts of it are incredibly unsafe to tourists. So beware, and avoid these parts. Except for these red zone areas, whole Orlando is here to warm welcome you. 

We have tried our best to uncover those areas for tourists and families. Some of these places are; Johnson Village, Roosevelt Park, Camellia garden, and rock lake. 

 What Is The Best Time To Visit Orlando? 

Generally, September to mid-November offers comfortable temperature and reasonable airfare and hotel rates, but fall month makes up the, most active part of Florida’s hurricane season.

On the other hand, summertime is not a good period to visit this place. Because of its high temperature and humid weather. Springtime is highly suggested if you are planning towards Orlando. 

Also if you are planning a budget-friendly trip. You can mark January and  February to visit Orlando. Because the place is not too crowded in this season as most of the families take off their rides to home after holidays of Christmas. 

Best Orlando Theme Park for Toddlers

Best Kid-Friendly places In Orlando

Theme Parks:

Walt Disney World

Disney world resorts are always the best vacation spot to visit. Because it turns your fantasy into reality. There are  4 major Disney land spots including 2 water parks. Shopping, Recreation, Refreshment, and accommodation. It offers you a full enjoyment box. 

Magic Kingdom   

Magic Kingdom is one of the four major resorts of Disney land. If your toddler is a story fan then he/ she must be familiar with the iconic character cinderella. Not only your little chump also if you love the majestic and magical great cases. 

And want to lose again in your childhood, then the magical park is all set to welcome you. Cinderella’s crystal white-blue Castel is the center of attraction for all ages of people.

The magic kingdom itself is a complete world. It will guide you on how to lost in nostalgia. Featuring historical buildings, thriller rides, adventurous parks, and many more.

Again if you are a story-lover. Then it will give you a chance to enter a world of little mermaids, petter pan, tales of snow white and belle, and many more. In addition, if you wanna go to your ancestor’s time roundabout in 18 century. Then tighten your seatbelt it will give you an opportunity of time-traveling. Isn’t it amazing?   

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom employs a great theme based on what kind of animal you would find in one of the areas, namely, 3 different areas for the animal and 2 for the humans, who behave mostly like animals. 

Kids love to go back to their ancestors’ time. They always want to live in a storybook. If your kid is an adventurous lover and wants to meet a dinosaur that even you haven’t seen.

Then the time has come to live your dreams and imaginations. This park also has wild animals; lions, tigers, and giraffes. if your kid is a fan of jungle books and an animal lover then the animal kingdom of Disney Walt will not disappoint you.

Choose to take a Wildlife Express stream train with a tour guide to Rafiki’s Planet, which is not only an interactive exhibit but is currently home to the largest land mammals in the world.

Things To Do Besides Disney

Adventour At Gatouland

What makes for a nice Florida vacation besides the Florida swampland tours? If you enjoy the wildlife that can be found on the Florida swampland tours then Gatorland is the best choice. 

Zipline through the Florida swamp is the perfect exhilarating escape for a Florida vacation, and that is what Gatorland Southern delightfully provides. Other than this there are also many nail-bitter rides. 


If you want to avoid crowds then Orlando public libraries are the best place for your toddler. They are not boring or quiet but they offer a lot of activities. 

Swan Boats

Lake Eola is a hearty destination situated in the center of downtown Orlando. You can take a ride on swan-shaped boats with aesthetic landscape and refreshment stalls nearby the lake. It’s a light, breezy,  and relaxing place.  

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