With great appreciation on behalf of the entire community, the Chester Rotary Club is recognized as the founder of the Chester Fall Festival, having planned and organized the annual event since 1974. This year, the Rotary passes the torch to a team of leaders in the local business community who volunteered to take on the project:

Scott Blair, Owner of Southern Pie Co.
Garrison Smith, Owner of Smitty’s Chester Market
Lee Whiting, Owner of Deep River Snacks
Patti Goyette, Manager of Fullerton Inn & Restaurant
Burleigh Sunflower, Owner of Erskine’s Grain & Garden
Shannon Parker, Owner of Wisdom River Designs
Aimee Braxmeier, Owner of Slippery Slope Goat Farm
Barre Pinske, Owner of Barre Pinski Studio
Lauren Ingersoll, Local Resident and Marketing/Design Entrepreneur
Darlene Doane, Owner of Pizza Stone
Ruthanne Batchelder, Owner of Route 103 Auto Repair